Beginning in the year 2000 we saw that the internet was moving fast to a new level of international communication and the sharing of information. It was a starting point in development and the building of massive networks. In this time Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter did not exist. Predicting the explosion of popularity of those type of social media and the growing desire of people to be in touch anywhere and anytime, we created our company one year later, in 2001.

Our main goal was to provide an easy way for social networking and communication between manufacturers and customers. Building relationships and simplifying the integration of companies and their products and services with the people and groups that uses these product offerings.

Being that the founders for the company have a technical and engineering background, the opportunity after many years has convinced VIV Net Technologies to enter a more specialised and very innovative market. Using our experience in the social networking and promotion side of the business, we have decided to get involved in the industrial representation market. Providing cutting edge solutions to industrial manufacturers and helping them sell and promote their products into the markets they want to penetrate.

Today, in 2015, 15 years after our start, we have begun to represent manufacturers that offer solutions and new technologies in the construction/infrastructure markets. We at VIV Net Technologies are always looking to help represent innovative and well designed products and provide strong and robust solutions geared for the construction/infrastructure markets.

Experience, knowledge and professionalism will help make us and our principals/suppliers stronger. Being competitive and providing superior customer service will make us reach a new level of self satisfaction and differentiate us from our competitors.


And now you can see how we may to help the customers: